Wednesday, March 8, 2017

100 days of 100 words, day 16: sleepwalker


Usually I can tell because he's disoriented but last night, after waking me at 11 and leading me into his bedroom, he made so much sense:  "You see, when I wake up in here and you are asleep in there, that's a recipe for nightmares."  I laid down next to him and promised to stay until he slept.  "But then I'll wake up again, no you:  Nightmare."  So I said I would stay for a really long time, until I knew he was past nightmares.  Next morning I told him I stayed until 2:30.  "But why were you there?"


  1. What a wonderful Mommy you are.

    I hope he was on the bottom bunk.

    1. Yes, bottom bunk, thankfully! However, 3 1/2 hours lying on the edge of of a twin bed, that's a recipe for fatigue...