Monday, January 2, 2017

100 days of 100 words, day 7: perfect moment

Perfect Moment

After a day of being not girlfriend, student, daughter, or sister, but just a girl in cut-offs and boots clearing camp pathways with a chainsaw, now tucked into a sleeping bag, blistered, battered, exhausted--but strong--on the top bunk, face turned to a window covered only with a thin screen to keep out bugs; chatter below and behind me, but me just watching tree limbs thrashed by occasional gusts which also blew the hair off my face and seeing the moon rise, it seemed, right out of the crook of a tree and thinking:  this is enough.


  1. Like a ship on the water,
    like a mother and child,
    like a light in the darkness
    I'll hold you awhile.....

    I don't know if the song came from that particular camp experience, but I always think of your stories of camp when I sing it to E. <3

    1. We'll rock (walk) on the water....

      Same camp, different year. I love that you still sing that to E. It always comforts me...and reminds me of sleep deprivation :)