Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lionel's Story

Once upon a time some paint got spilled all over the animals in the jungle.  It was crazy!  The lions thought they were monkeys.  The giraffes thought they were tigers.  Nobody knew who was who!  The monkeys were chasing the lions, who were really other monkeys!  Finally the elephant put his trunk in the river and got some water.  He cleaned himself off and then he cleaned all his friends.  Now the lions were the monkeys' enemies again and they chased them.  Then again, the ground was now covered with colors.  Part was orange and part was red.  The animals who were in the orange part were orange.  The animals in the red part were red.  And the animals who were in the middle were pink.  No one knew what they were!  Everyone was chasing everyone!  It was crazy in the jungles of Africa.  Finally the elephant called for more elephants to wash the ground and then everyone knew who they were.  Everyone chased the right person.