Saturday, April 28, 2012

Samir Bhana

I first met Samir Bhana when he was a 9 year old boy whose father was a grad school classmate of Keith's. He was a sweet, polite, boy from South Africa, hungrily taking in everything about America. I saw him last week for lunch. A 30 year old man studying for his MBA in London. Still sweet. Still interested in the world. He described his travels to Japan and all over Europe. And he talked about coming to America. I asked: 'Do you remember when the power went out because of the ice storm? "Clearly." And you were so cold? "Clearly." Keith and I came over with flashlights (torches) and candles and blankets. Do you remember? Big smile. "Clearly." In the time that we knew the Bhanas in Illinois, I learned to make proper tea from Asha and I wish I had learned more recipes. We had such wonderful meals at their house! They lived in the faculty housing, especially for international students. Samir tells me now, 19 years later that it was a good experience. He was excited to go to America. Mayur, his younger brother was too young to understand that their father was gone just for a while, not forever. Oh the joy when he saw his father again in Illinois! And what a strange place to be....he had just been told that the reason he couldn't have a bottle anymore is because a monkey took it. No monkeys in Illinois....

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