Monday, April 2, 2012

Paper Chase

My boys are obsessed with paper. Obsessed! They have an uncanny ability to find and collect any bits of free paper around. Before we left California, I recycled bags and bags of paper. They each had a large shopping bag filled with old catalogs that they think I actually paid to put into storage for 5 months. I keep hoping they will have forgotten by the time we return but every time they mention their bags I sort of gulp. Mommy lied! To be fair to myself, I did save for them lots of notebooks and coloring books--legitimate paper that wasn't, say, a pamphlet about vaccinating seniors for shingles.

Since we've arrived in England, they have accumulated:

1 large catalog for kitchen equipment and 1 phone book (one for each--has to be even!)
grocery magazines of recipes and coupons
tube map
bus map
welcome to london pamphlet
info on buying cell phones
a newspaper
requests to donate to oxfam
guide to river thames boats
info on topping off cell phones
more info on cell phones
how to get a Boots advantage card
info on hair retention
business card for elite car rental
more info on London underground
the American Air magazine
guide to nutrition in pregnancy
car insurance offers
and more.....These collections also include cut snips of paper, drawings, napkins, and any other detritus of the flat and paper variety.

All times 2 of course. One nice thing is that when one of them finds available paper, they always get two so they can each have one.

They call these collections their 'information' and want to take it with them whenever they leave the house and no mommy-logic will dissuade that we will not need a catalog of furniture while we are grocery shopping. "Oh, but Beary is decorating his house and I can make orders using my brain computer." Hard to argue with that.

They are tearful when I explain that they can't take all of this to Ireland. Don't know how to convey that it's also not going back to California! We will allow a few pieces, of course.

And this paper is taken very seriously. The other day they placed all of their paper out on the floor to match with each other--each brochure matched, each pamphlet, etc. Keith said: "This is some game you've got going." Owen: "This is no game!"

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