Sunday, March 11, 2012

"These Baronesses are so hard to keep straight." -- Keith

Keith is preparing for battle tomorrow in Parliament. He has been advising on an addendum to a bill about legal aid. The addendum has to do with forcing alcohol abstinence on people who have been abusive while drinking (primarily domestic situations). He's dealing with various MPs and Lords and Ladies and, apparently, Baronesses.

I am pleased to say that the boys are over their jet lag. They can't force themselves through it the way adults can--going to bed because it's dark and staying awake because it's light. Their little bodies just tell them what time it is and they react accordingly. For the first couple of days I was up reading to them in the middle of the night and trying to prop them awake during the day. Finally we have made it---last night they slept from 7 pm to 7 am even though California time that would be 11 am to 11 pm. With no wake-ups due to fever or stuffed animals with hot ears!

We have a lovely 2-bedroom flat with a small kitchen and combined living room and dining area. The boys have bunk beds (very fun--they switch turns on the top bunk every day). There is also a HUGE enclosed garden area out the back. Yesterday Owen met a girl named Katie who is making him smile. After running around for a while together, he picked a crocus and handed it to her. Quite the charmer. So far the only thing I really miss (beside people) is a good knife in the kitchen.

I'm trying to remember that not only do they drive on the right in England, they walk right! I was veering around on the sidewalks thinking I was being a good citizen and then realized I was making everyone move to the other side. Whoops.

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