Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tea time!

We had a couple of Keith's British friends over this afternoon for a spot of tea. I wanted to do it right, so of course I had crumpets on hand. However, being in a temporary kitchen, I had to improvise on some other things. I don't have a proper teapot, so I brewed the tea in a coffee press. I don't have a creamer or sugar bowl, so I offered those in small jelly molds. I put out preserves and butter to go with the crumpets....but I felt I needed something else. Voila! A yummy new bruschetta is born!

I surveyed my fridge and found some interesting things. I had a small container of bleu cheese cubes from a salad I had taken home as a leftover. I had some creme fraiche which I had purchased thinking I could use it like half and half (wrong!). I had some bacon. It was all coming together! I smashed the cheese and added the creme until it was nicely mixed. I cooked a couple pieces of bacon and crumbled that into the bowl. Then I chopped some scallions and added those.

I sliced the remainder of a loaf of ciabatta, spread my mixture on the slices, and slid these under the broiler for about 3 minutes. *Mwah!* Even better than crumpets!

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