Monday, March 26, 2012

Scooby Doo--updated

The boys have gotten hooked on Scooby Doo. I remember enjoying it also back in the day when one only got to watch cartoons on Saturday morning instead of on one of several all-cartoon all-the-time channels. That's not all that has changed! Velma has wifi and gps. They have a new song (Please! The old one was perfect!) Fred has a complicated relationship with his father. Daphne always was a lightweight, but now she's completely airheaded. Even worse: Fred and Daphne are engaged. They're supposed to be meddling kids but they've got a whole storyline now that feels like a disney princess rip-off. Luckily the boys are oblivious to that part of things. Shaggy still has stubble and Scooby is the same delightful little prankster. Fred still always suggests that they split up to look for clues.

Hob = Stovetop
Rocket = Arugula
Interwebs = Internet/world wide web

Bacon is an entirely different shape here. There is a lot more meat and it's shaped sort of like a pan with a handle. It's quite tasty but is more like a piece of ham.

I'm a convert to European appliances. The washer and dishwasher take a long time but they both work so well. Ditto the dryer. It has a condenser that you pull out to pour the water into the sink instead of the steam being blown outside. Brilliant! No hose to get clogged over and over. In California, a bird kept building a nest in the small opening to the outside.

Tracey and Richard, the friends we visited in Chiswick last weekend, have a home in western Ireland. It has a name, Rosmindle. Isn't that wonderful? I love a house with a name. We are going to visit for a week in April and are very excited. We will fly into Knock, which is too small for most maps and is in the independent part of Ireland. Rosmindle is in a farming and fishing community with sheep and fowl wandering about. It's at about the western most part of the west on the Atlantic. (Next stop is Newfoundland, Tracey says.) We will burn turf for heat! I'm sure we'll also eat lots of wonderful fresh fish and farm products.

Yesterday, while walking on Ladbroke Grove, the boys came up with a game. Lionel was only allowed to step on blue and yellow squares while Owen could only step on green and black. Me? I only saw grey concrete. But the boys were skipping all around keeping to their 'colors.' Love the imagination.

I love this line from the novel Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson: "She was not, herself, beautiful. Her moments were beautiful." The book, like that character, has beautiful moments but being about the Vietnam war is not, itself, beautiful.

The other day in the grocery store I encountered a man going up and down the aisles opposite of me--going up the aisle as I was going down the aisle and so on through the store. He was 50-ish, slightly rumpled, wearing heavy black glasses and, it's true, a Member's Only jacket. When I passed him by the yogurt, he pulled out a phone and I overheard this: "Mum. They don't have the Activia. Do you want....Okay. Anything but strawberry. Okay. Love you Mum. Bye." Next aisle; "Mum. Do you want the whole chicken or just the filets? Okay. I thought you'd want...Okay. The whole chicken. Okay. Thanks. Love you Mum. Bye." Next aisle: "Mum. Free range eggs. Does it....okay. Love you Mum. Bye." And on and on. I don't know why he ever hung up the phone but I found it hilarious and so lingered to hear his half of the 'conversation.'

Keith is off to Leeds today to give a talk for 500 quid. The bill he was advocating for passed, by the way, and he was instrumental in making that happen. He's been going in to King's college some days and also working at home on a grant for his center at the VA. He's not being paid by the VA, mind you, so he's a bit irked at the lengthy review process which keeps pulling him back in....just when he thought he had broken free.....

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