Monday, March 26, 2012

Portobello Road

My eye has healed to the point where it now looks as if I have been careless in applying eyeliner. This means I can go about without getting sympathetic looks (except, I suppose, from make-up artists). But there is a lump where the laceration was as if something got trapped inside. Grit? Eyeglass part? Who knows. But I did get my glasses repaired and I picked them up the other day. They don't have the cool blue/green undertones but they do fit my face.

On Saturday morning I had a wonderful outing to the shops and stalls on Portobello Road. This is an open air market alongside regular shops where you can buy furniture or fresh fish, strawberries or slippers, jewelry and jubilee souvenirs. It was packed and a bit overwhelming visually for me so I didn't fully explore but it was a delightful melange. The people too: funky, sporty, casual chic, dapper, and tourist. I heard French and Spanish and several languages I couldn't identify but made me think of Polish or Russian and also Asian languages.

I found a wonderful store that I went back to on Sunday when the crowds were less pressing. I couldn't figure out at first what it was because there were products with only Italian on the labels and others with only Spanish. Finally, I figured it was basically a Mediterranean grocery. 'Swonderful! When I returned on Sunday, I got orzo pasta, marinated artichoke hearts, pork pate, lentils, salami (among other fun things). They had great big pourable containers of fish stock, but were out of chicken--dang it! I wanted salsa, but apparently that's more Mexican than Spanish. There was something in a tube called 'spicy ketchup' but I wasn't brave enough to try it. They also had a lot of octopus (frozen and fresh and tinned) and anchovies (same ways). Oh! And I got gaspacho in a pourable container! So delicious and convenient. Lots of beans and pasta and olives and smoked meats. I will definitely be back!

On my way home I happened upon a jumble sale. 20p admittance. Then, for 5 pounds, I got a sweater, a sweatshirt, a warm pair of socks (thinking Ireland!), a funky pair of wide-leg/side-zip black pants, and two Scooby Doo magazines for the boys! With awesome Guillotine finger trick!

And now for a moment of outrage. One can no longer 'feed the birds' no matter how many tuppence a bag. Wow. I understand that pigeons poop everywhere but geez. No feeding the birds? Dang.

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  1. We just returned from feeding the ducks at a nearby lake. Next time you visit, do so in the warmer months, and we will take you there (with your pockets full of oats!). xo