Thursday, March 22, 2012

Odds and bobs, part 2

So we had our first real touristy day. Took the tube to Westminster Abbey and climbed up the steps to see Big Ben looming over us. The boys keep thinking it's Big Bentley because that's what they called it in the Cars movies. We paid 16p per adult to go into Westminster Abbey and were completely (Keith and I anyway) overwhelmed by the weight of time. Seriously--glazed and painted tiles from the medieval era. Paintings from 1200. 1200! 600 years ago! 600! It's so marvelous that one can see these things and so think about perspective. I've been to Westminster before but the weight keeps growing. Darwin. Churchill. The Poet's Corner. The building is amazing just to be standing up---all that carved rock---what an engineering coup!

Grill = broil
Pok Shoi = Bok Choy

I caved and bought a knife. Can't go 4 months without a good one. The other things I had to buy: a measuring cup (yes, England does a lot of things by weight but there wasn't a kitchen scale or a measuring cup in this flat and I wanted to make rice accurately Also pancakes.) Measuring spoons. A nutcracker because the walnuts I ordered from grocery delivery arrived in the shells. Some small bowls for small boys.

I love that when I order tea here they ask if I want milk. No one tries to put honey or sugar or lemon or anything else. Tea how I like it---P.G. Tips with milk. I also love that one can buy long-life milk to store in the cupboard. This is especially useful since you can't buy milk in gallons (the fridge is too small anyway) and we go through a lot of milk.

For the first time I've seen women in full Burkhas. Don't know how to spell it and neither does Microsoft. One woman was walking down the street at such a fast rate I was amazed. I couldn't see how she was seeing anything at all. Lots of wrapped heads--makes me feel strangely naked.

At Trafalgar's Square the boys once again got themselves into some Asian photo galleries. There was a swarm of Asian women who stood next to the boys while another took pictures. One kept chucking Owen under the chin until he was completely annoyed and when they asked for another picture he said, NO! I generally accommodate people RE: pics, but this is the first time I've seen the boys get pissed off about it. Interesting.

Cars Do NOT STOP for pedestrians in this country! In the US, I am used to cars stopping when I approach a street, especially when I approach it with a kid in hand. Here; not so much. If I hadn't pulled the boys back a couple of times the traffic would have run them over. I'm holding on to them as the precious beings they are. Still Scary.

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