Friday, March 9, 2012

Nighttime scene

Setting: The boys' bedroom at night. Owen, 5 year old twin in top bunk. His brother Lionel in bottom bunk. Enter: Mommy.

L: Ow, ow, ow, ow! My whole body is hurting.
M: Let me feel your head. Oh my. You're burning up. I'll be right back.
Mommy leaves, then returns with medicine and a cloth.
L: My body hurts from head to toe.
M: Here. Drink this. It will help you feel better.
O: I'm trying to sleep up here.
L: When will this ever stop?
M: The medicine will take a little time to kick in. Let's cool you off with this cloth.
O: Quiet please!
Mommy places cloth on Lionel's forehead.
L screams: Too cold!
O: Can I please get some peace and quiet?
M: Okay, okay. Just a little bit at a time.
L: Why is this happening?
M: You have a fever. It will go away in a little while.
O: I can't find Beary.
L: My ears are hot.
M: Let's put the cloth on your ears, just a little bit.
L: Ow, ow, ow, ow.
O: Beary? Beary? Where are you?
L: I'm tired now.
M: Okay, get some rest. I'll leave this cloth with you. Night night.
L: Night.
Mommy leaves.
O: Wait! Mommy! Beary's ears are hot.

And, SCENE! Well that would be nice. Actually the scene continued with such tiresome tropes as "I have to pee"; "How long until morning?"; "I need a drink"; "please neaten my blankets" and the ever popular "I have to tell you something."


  1. Owen just wanted some peace and quiet. Takes me back to me and Scotty! Who first said 'neaten my blankets'? that's cool

  2. I don't remember who made the blanket comment. They both say that at bedtime. Yeah, reminded me of sharing a bedroom too. For Owen, everything goes back to Beary one way or another....