Monday, January 2, 2012

life experiment

We are about to move to London for 4 months. In the meantime, we will pack up our entire house and while in London, live out of a couple of suitcases in a furnished flat. You would think that after moving across country twice in the last 3 years I would have my life pretty spare. However, the government paid for both of those moves so there was no incentive to winnow through belongings. I did, of course, sort and donate and pass on things the boys had outgrown. This time we are paying for the pounds we put into storage and we are limited in what we can take with us.

(OMG this is such loose helpless writing. Ok. Just get it down.)

I think I'm pretty good about living (short-term-wise) in limited capacity. I actually thrive on the vacation challenge of 'what can you cook with the fewest ingredients and the fewest tools?'. But this is longer than any vacation I've ever had. Also, our time in London will span 2 or 3 seasons and there's the wardrobe to contemplate....

I've been making lists and lists of things to take, things to put into storage, things to donate, etc The list that gets the most consistent revision is the list of my clothes to take. it seems like a week to week thing where I get really comfortable with one look and then I wear that look to death and then.....either my weight has changed or the weather has changed imperceptibly or something else has happened and the outfit that made me feel comfortable for days in a row no longer works. Essentially, my life-wardrobe-strategy is to have lots and lots of options (purchased thriftily, from thrift stores) and then recombine as the weather/weight/mood requires. This will be impossible in London. My favorite now might feel horrible in a couple of months.

I am looking forward to this experiment, and not just for the clothing challenge. What will seem necessary at the end of the 4 months? What will I truly miss and what will I be surprised to discover I don't really need at all?

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