Thursday, November 5, 2009

the box of kisses

My husband had to leave early for a trip. It was important to him to see our sons first so he went in to greet them at 6 a.m. They were still in their cribs when he took his suitcase down the stairs and said good-bye. I had just locked the front door behind him when I heard Owen wail: "I didn't get to say good-bye to him!" When I came upstairs I saw giant tears about to run out of his eyes.

Improvising, I said, "well, luckily, Daddy left me with a couple of kisses for you. I'll be right back."

And then I came back in with fists full of kisses. Owen sniffed away his tears. Lionel said, "I want one too!" I distributed the kisses. Owen held his kiss in his fist for quite a while. Lionel put his kiss right on his forehead and went about playing with his stuffed animals. I suggested to Owen that we could make sure his pants had pockets so he could carry daddy's kiss with him all day. Good idea! Then Lionel needed another one to carry because he'd already used his. And if Lionel was going to get another one, then Owen needed one too. And so on.

As luck would have it, my husband had left an entire box of kisses on the bookshelf just outside their bedroom. Whew! So, I brought in more. And more before nap. And more after nap.

Later I gave them each a small box left over from hardware for the chairs I had just put together. I came around the corner and saw them each kissing into the boxes, saving them for later.

I didn't want them to think that kisses were something that had to be saved up or hoarded. Tonight we played a game where they told me how many kisses they wanted and I planted them everywhere. Easy enough when they request 9. A little more difficult when the request is for eighty thirty. Or sixteen five. Regardless, it was a very fun exercise with lots of kisses on sweet-smelling boy heads. Giggles don't hurt either.


  1. I'm thrilled you are blogging!!! Wonderful way to keep in touch with Kristy. I have a book for you: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsen--have you read? Love the heroine.

  2. Oh, and one more: Saturday by Ian McEwan reminded me so much of Greg for obvious reasons (the hero is a neurosurgeon)

  3. And one more comment. When Geoff was about 5 or 6 I used to put funny little toys or objets d'art in conspicuous places where he would be sure to notice them. He would ask "What's this?" and I would say "Oh, the elves must have left it." He started asking on his own, "Did the elves bring this?"

  4. I guess "you read to me" is Susan? I've read both of those books and am looking forward to the next in the stieg larsen series. Love the elves!